About Us

A.P.C Health Specialists Clinics Ltd. was founded in 1992. We began with a dialysis center in Tel Aviv housing three dialysis machines. Today we operate dialysis centers nationwide and treat hundreds of patients all over Israel.

Our mission:
• To be a center of medical excellence
• To focus on the patient’s quality of life
• To provide the patient’s and their families a personal attentive approach and a sympathetic ear

In order to fulfill this mission, we cultivate a skilled, courteous medical staff and take care of their professional training and personal welfare. We believe that the staff’s satisfaction is the basis foundation for executing their organizational duties to the best possible standards.
Our medical quality control team constantly monitors our services to ensure that the highest standards are maintained.
The medical directors in each of our units serve as ward directors in some of the best hospitals in Israel. They supervise a multi-discipline staff consisting of expert physicians, a nursing staff, dieticians and social workers.
We thank our patients for giving us their trust, and are open to hearing any idea for improving the quality of our treatment and the patients’ quality of life.

Get well soon!
The A.P.C medical staff